Admincontrol’s iPad App version 2.5.4 is now available in the App Store

There are several enhancements in this version. Most of them focused on improving and optimising the usability and navigation in the App, as well as improving performance. We recommend having a look in the “What`s New” section next time you log in to the App for further information.

Customer Support

Please call +47 22 83 61 00, or email support@admincontrol.com.

Virtual Data Room

Admincontrol's Virtual Data Room (VDR) ensures due diligence processes remain as effective, easy and secure as possible. Admincontrol currently has hundreds of on-going due diligence-projects globally. Whether you are planning a transaction, IPO or funding, Admincontrol will quickly provide a VDR that is secure, flexible and user friendly.

Board Portal

In order to function optimally, the board of directors needs a clear overview, easy access to relevant information, and efficient communication - both between board members, management and administration. Admincontrol facilitates corporate governance, and is developed based on international codes of conduct for corporate governance. It can be adapted to cover the needs of any organization.


Admincontrol's iPad App allows users secure access to corporate documents in a user-friendly manner. Each user is given access to relevant documentation, and can add personal notes and comments as well as accessing case history.